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Fugi Film is pushing their new Finepix xp10, a durable digital camera ‘for all life’s adventures’. Well, apparently these adventures come to an end when you attempt to take a video with flawless sound…not so much. This is truly disappointing, as I hung this ad on my wall months ago because it was great marketing and design. My two favorite things. Sad to see this review though by Wired…another case of good design/bad engineering. I hope they re-visit.

WIRED Waterproof, shock-proof, and dust-proof, the XP30 is equally at home in Aruba or Fallujah. Included GPS lets you plot out your pictures on a map. It’s relatively inexpensive.

TIRED Default “Scene Recognition” mode exhibits all the good judgment of a drunken sailor. Just about everything from focusing to deleting pictures locking in on GPS satellites was painstakingly slow. Videos were ruined by their audio, which included cracks and pops, tinny treble, and a grinding zoom servomotor that sounded like a light aircraft. Battery life is weak, and GPS drains it even more.

Buy one here. Kidding.

Read the review at Wired.  It’s actually quite hilarious.

Wired by Design

To continue with Geek Week (as I just decided it to be), I am more than ecstatic about a recent print purchase. I love print. The smell, the feel-nothing can ever replace the emotional connection with a newspaper or magazine. After spending 20 minutes in the magazine section of Wegman’s I decided that Wired is probably the perfect magazine for any designer…at least it should be if you’re looking to keep up with the industry, whether it inspires your next piece of furniture or motivates you to learn how to code, Wired is in the know. It tastefully showcases great staples in technology, up-and-coming artists, and of course the latest gadgets-even medical advancements. They always have something that pushes me to learn more. I really try to get inspired by Surface, but I’m sorry, the engineer in me can’t look past the fashion drenched pages. Wired just has this wow factor that says, hold on to your seat this is some fricken hot stuff…You may want to sit down before turning another page.

Guess who’s getting a subscription for Christmas?

If you’re looking for cool Christmas gifts for your more than curious boyfriend or husband-and the occasional chic, look no further than this month’s issue-sweet treats for everyone!. Just be careful not to believe everything you see…the goo on the gadgets is not included-however it is edible. Photo-credit Massimo Gammacurta. Yet another reason to love this magazine.


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