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Fabricated Fridays:

Let’s just pretend it’s Friday (Finals have put a bit of a damper on life atm, cut me some slack) and watch this ridiculous video called ‘This Too Shall Pass’. After hiring many engineers and timing their video down to the nanosecond, OK Go produced this Rube Goldberg machine that creates music as it drives around a never ending track of instruments- in addition to being the Chevy Sonic ad for The Big Game. It’s been circulating around, and I’ve been hearing of students in the studio who still haven’t seen it! What are you waiting for?

OK Go.

Wired did an exclusive behind the scenes interview with them, see some of their brainstorming for the machine below and the article here. 

Tame the Ghost in Your Head

Getting through week 9 with some Mumford and Sons. This is possibly my favorite song performed by them, the chord structure and layers in the song keep building so unexpectedly. It’s really intense by the end, like most of their songs, but this one seems fitting for any season.

I know I’ve been slacking on the Fabricated Fridays posts, and so I’m starting this back up again with an awesome video by Paper Fortress. This shop has everything you could possibly want in gear, chucks, lathes, welding and more. Watch Firefly make a bike frame.

The video above is at a bike shop called Firefly Bicycles, handmade world-class bicycles right in Boston, Mass.

Paper Fortress is a photographer/producer in Sommerville, MA. Check out his Vimeo channel. Really talented.

Please watch this video on Leo Burnett’s famous speech. Here, you can view and read the article on (Audio original) “When to take my name off the door.” When should they take his name off the door? The video, done by Brazilian design studio called Lobo-created an animated tribute to Burnett’s speech, and should inspire anyone in advertising to keep doodling on napkins.

“When you spend more time trying to make money and less time making advertising… when you begin to compromise your integrity… when you lose your humility and become big shot wisenheimers too big for your boots.”


What’s your secret?

This video has been circulating online for a few weeks, and I’m totally in love with it. Granted it’s my kind of sarcastic humor, but isn’t that the language of our generation?

Check it out if you haven’t already watched it. Jesse Rosten is very talented film producer in Northern, CA.

Visit his site,  The Cart is adorable. Please watch it.

I think it’s finally hitting me that I’ll be graduating in less than 40 days. Although I’m anxious to leave RIT for the next chapter of life, it’s always bitter-sweet. Graduation. Despite what people might be saying, our generation is entering the job market at the best time. Be thankful for your youth, and use it to your advantage. When else are you going to have so much energy in your life? Get excited about what you can do right NOW, and spread this good news. It’s our time to shine.

In case you aren’t a Glee fan, here’s what you’re missing. They do an amazing job at covering the song.

This has always been one of my favorite weekends at RIT. I know I know, we have so many awesome events that it’s hard to choose! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, see: CAB’s Springfestival, Brickcity Homecoming, CCL Freezefest, Imagine RIT, etc.

Buy your tickets from the Field House box office for a student price of $10 a night, three nights this year! February 18-20. Thanks to Interactive Adventures and Tom Connelly, for hosting our lovely Canadians from the Banff Insitutute. They do an amazing job, and *pist! There are great giveaways!

If you aren’t in Rochester, you can find the schedule online, as it is a World Tour. I hope to see you there!

Hasbro and Paramount: GI JOE

Check out the new trailor from Paramount and Hasbro for GI Joe. Repelling on rock face, with swords? I’m sold. Lot’s of cool gadgets and costumes to be inspired by, and I can finally see the action figures I stared at all summer in full size!

Your Geek and Gear Gift Guide

Try saying that 5 times fast.  The Climb is an awesome website, much like most discount websites (steepandcheep, backcountry) but they offer more of everything and it’s on major discount. Check out their holiday picks! It’s worth signing up, I get my family something from here for every occasion.

Construction of the frame.

Thank Charles SEULEUSIAN for this simple, yet powerful way to stack wood. His smart design let’s you customize how large you want your woodpile.


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